Do you want to support young people in your community? Do you want to maintain and further the link between Oxford and Devas? Do you recognize the need today more than ever to provide positive services for our young people?

Then donate to us.

The Devas Club is always looking for funds to enhance and expand our programmes.

Our current fundraising target is £52,000 from general donations from committed regular and one-off donations. This year we are fundraising for four areas of our work. Could you support one of them?

Our music programme:

We already provide a professional standard recording and production facility. But we want to expand and provide tuition and support for Choirs and Bands. We aspire to develop a life-long love of music and singing in young people and develop creativity, which brings tangible beneficial effects in happiness and mental health. But we need funding – a tutor would cost us £500 a month and with other associated costs we need to raise £10,000 per year for this programme. We need 50 individuals to pledge to give £20 a month through our planned giving scheme and we could commit to this expanded programme. Could you be one of them?

Our work with Juniors

Whilst Wandsworth youth services supports our work with older youth, we need more general donations to support our work with younger people, aged 8 to 12 years old – our Juniors. We already run a programme on three nights a week after school. It focuses on performing arts, crafts, skills such as cooking, and discussion of issues and we intend to offer football and other sports. Our partner The Girders provides partial support but we need regular donations to hire a youth worker specifically for this work and to expand the programme. Could you commit to supporting our Juniors work? £50 a month, through planned giving, with gift aid recovered could help us develop this work.

Our Modernisation Programme:

Our building on Stormont Road has had a major refurbishment but there is still work to be done. Currently we are fundraising to replace windows, which are the originals from the 1970s. This would provide significant savings on our heating bills and on-going running costs. It would reduce noise from the Club in the neighbourhood, and it would contribute to our ongoing efforts to reduce our carbon footprint. We are seeking to raise £15,000 to replace the windows. Could you give a one-off donation to help us to do this?

Our support team:

As our programmes grow we need to ensure that Devas can provide its services to young people in a sustainable and professional manner. Through current donations we have a committed building and activities manager, but with growth in activities we need a part-time person to manage paperwork and fundraising. We are looking to find an additional £1,000 a month to provide this support to our core activities. Can you help us through regular giving or a one-off donation?

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