#mumsdyingwishA friend of the club, D’Angelo Ferlance-Oduye, has sadly lost his mother and only parent at the age of 21 to cancer. Not in a stable financial position, he is having to crowd fund to give his mum the send off that she deserves.

D’Angelo was a popular regular who spent a lot of time with us in the club’s recording studio.  He performed at many of the club’s showcase fundraiser events, often being the highlight of the show.

Please help us support him by making a donation here: https://www.gofundme.com/mumsdyingwish

Onwards Josie Benson…

Onwards Josie Benson…

Josie at her 30th marathon

Since Josie’s amazing run in the dessert which raised such a huge sum for the Devas – where she was loved and admired senior youth worker in charge – she has continued to go forward in her career.

She now works as a motivating personal trainer; she continues her fundraising work for young people; and she is preparing for her 31st marathon.

She is trained as a fit-box coach, High intensity training instructor, and remains of course a very keen runner – as she needs to be to keep up her marathon running.

It was in the autumn 2016 that Josie launched her fundraising campaign ‘Josie in the Desert’ to raise funds for the Devas, [check out her extreme performance which led to £ 5,000 pounds raised on justgiving.com for ‘Devas Juniors’ – see here News Archive ].

Since then she has performed for a year in the successful ‘In the Heights’ musical at the Kings Cross Theatre, and then started working for Groundwork London on their Gangs prevention team, while continuing her motivating work as personal trainer.

For Josie, sports and running is more than sweating and personal tests – it’s also about helping young people and supporting charity. Currently she is raising funds for the young people linked to Groundwork London.

Earlier this year, she ran her 30th marathon in support of the UK’s children charity, NSPCC, even completing two marathons in one week.

She also promotes a healthy zealous vegan life style – and you can be inspired visiting her Instagram and Twitter sites.

Josie as a fitness trainerJosie at Grand to Grand 2016 race