Letting out the space at Devas is an important part of funding our activities and also extending the range of people with whom we can deliver these activities. Wherever possible those who take our space are ALSO partners in Devas creating opportunities for young people. 

Here is a quick overview of who they currently are:

Wandsworth Borough

The most important partner for a considerable time has been Wandsworth Borough Council, in the form of Wandsworth Youth services. Devas work in a close partnership with Wandsworth Youth Service (WYS). Devas were designated one of the Bigger Better Centres (BBC) when Wandsworth Youth Service re-structured around a smaller number of better resourced centres. Wandsworth provide staff and most of the funding for the 12-19 year old Youth Club

Future Foundations

Future Foundations is an independent and inspirational organisation which believes in the power of people. We have delivered pioneering training programmes with over 10,000 individuals between the ages of 8 and 24 since 2004. Future Foundations have been based on our second floor since Summer 2017. We held a successful event together later that year, and now work together on the National Citizenship Service.

Clapham print house

Clapham Print House specialise in screen printing on clothing, mainly t-shirts, and has recently bought an embroidery machine which is now being used with headgear. The aim is to make personalised designs affordable. Jay also teaches at local colleges and runs course introducing Devas young people to screen printing

Role models

Role Models are co-housed with Future Foundations.  Role Models helps children to fly by giving them the skills they need to grow, develop and thrive in a changing world. They believe that children should be skilled for life as well as being schooled in the classroom. To do this, they offer individual creative childcare to support children’s passions. They also provide courses that give children some of the key skills to succeed in the 21st century; leadership, resilience, collaboration and creativity. They approach everything in a way that is serious fun.

Members of the Devas Juniors have been given, very kindly, free places on Role Models courses.

We collaborate closely with these bodies:

Parkgate House School

We have an ongoing and close relationship with Parkgate House School, a leading independent preparatory school based nearby on Clapham Common. Parkgate make extensive use of the facilities at Devas, mostly during the school day when they are not being used by Devas. Parkgate and the Parkgate parents have been very active in fundraising for Devas; their generous donations provided us with the professional-size trampoline and contributions from the Parkgate community set up our new Reading Area.

The relationship with Parkgate is a good example of Devas actively involving all sections of the community, and young people and families of all backgrounds.


Praetorium specialise in finding hirers for halls which are being only partly used. Through them Devas has been able to fulfill an objective of being open for the community at weekends. Through Praetorium, on Sundays Devas supports a number of church groups.

Bigfoot Arts Education

Bigfoot are now no longer based at Devas. However we still call on them for advice, they visit us regularly, and we also welcome their return each year for the pre-Christmas pantomime season.






NAIAD ROWING SOCIETY AND SKERRIES FOR SCHOOLS                                                                         

ROTARY CLUB and others