Devas adopts new green Action Plan

The Devas Club recognises the importance of climate change alongisde so many others. We are committed to being an environmentally responsible organisation – and over the last nine years we have sought to reduce our carbon footprint, down from over 66 tonnes per year to just 52 currently. This is despite increasing numbers of people using our building, which also now operates seven days a week. This has been achieved by installing PV solar panels on the roof; a new boiler; localized efficient water heaters; insulating the ceiling of the Main Hall, and adding secondary glazing to the second floor windows. We have also installed a ventilation system on the ground floor to improve air quality.

There is still much to be done. To this end. the Club’s trustees have just agreed a new enviromental ‘green’ action plan for the coming years. Read more about our objectives including reducing water use, plastic and paper consumption, action on health lifestyles etc, which we want to build into the ethos of our club and as an example to all our young members. Please read our action plan here.