Our Sponsors

The Devas Team – the Trustees, staff, and management – and the members are hugely grateful to the organisations whose generous sponsorship supports our work. There is a constant need of funding for our youth projects, the maintenance of the building, and the supporting activities which make this possible.

We work closely with Wandsworth Council for their expertise in youth work and their financial contribution to staffing and running costs.

We have a special mention and thanks for major and regular sponsors. The Worshipful Company of Girdlers has supported Devas since its earliest days, and we are still benefitting from the generous support of the Worshipful Company of Grocers in creating the studios.

The other great supporter since the earliest days has been University College, Oxford.

The Trustees

The current trustees are:

Andrew Griffiths (Chair of Trustees)
Sir Ivor Crewe
James Devas
Johnny Devas
Dr. Paul Flather
Mark Potter

Our Supporters