Reading Initiative Launched

Devas-LibraryReading can unlock ideas. It can also unlock the past, the present the future. This is why we are launching a new library for members at at Devas. It is also a way to integrate further into our local community – which is excited and willing to donate books to us to grow our library.

We at Devas – trustees and working staff – recognise that many of the young people who come to Devas, can have problems with their schooling because they do not have a strong enough habit of reading. This is true even in this digital era – so much depends on reading, and particularly at school.

“We realised that more important than the lack of books at home is the lack of a reading culture at home. If parents and families do not have a reading culture reading can be seen as another of the impositions of school, an imposition from an environment in which many young people do not feel supported.,” explains current Chair of Trustees, John Clarke.

The Club is responding by encouraging a culture of reading – beyond merely studying a smartphone ! We hope the books will be accessed by all those passing through the club – from members to parents waiting to collect young people or even those attending various courses here.

“We are keen to help develop a book culture for everyone who comes here – young people both Junior and Senior, and all adults,” according to the trustees. The aim is to build up a reading culture.

All books are donated by local people – who would otherwise clear their bookshelves to charity shops. Devas is open to take every offer right now. Donations so far include a range of cooking books, ‘Airport’ novels by Dan Brown, a climbing guide to Clan Berris, several books in French, numerous football annuals, and a large number of early reading books. Future plans include working with the local Book Trust based in Batteresea.

Anyone is free to take the book home – if this encourages someone to read then we have done our job, we simply record it in a ledger. We will also be subscribing to a small number of magazines such as The Week (Junior version).