Josie In the Desert

170 miles (273 km) in 7 days
Self supported foot race
The Grand Canyon

I DID IT – I have successfully completed the Grand to Grand Ultra! After 53 hours 10 minutes and 56 seconds on the course, I came 53rd out of 113 runners, 15th female out of 38 women! & 3rd in the female 40-49 age category.

Thank you for all your wonderful words of encouragement and donations, it really will make a difference to Devas Juniors, which relies solely on funding to continue. Devas is a charity that delivers creative, educational and fun after school activities for children. Through Devas, we hope to steer young people in the right direction in life.

It was the most gruelling 170miles I’ve ever ran! Day 3 (52.5miles), almost had me keeling over. Climbing up the sand dunes on my hands & knees, speed walking alone in the dead of night, coyotes barking in the distance, sleeping every night in freezing conditions in wet clothes & snoring tent mates! Climbing canyons so high that when I finally reached the top the view was so epic it literally left me breathless, coupled with altitude sickness & vertigo!

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